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IP Web Tracker user manual and help guide

Welcome to the documentation pages for the Website Visitor IP Tracking system at!

This portal is designed to keep technical knowledge information at hand and to assist users in the installation, usage, and troubleshooting of their website visitor tracker system.

The Website Visitor Tracker system is compatible with most online social networking tools, blogs, and personal website pages, including but not limited to:

The IP tracker can be installed with either an online editor, or an offline editor such as:

Text Editors

  • AkelPad
  • Crimson Editor
  • Emacs
  • FAR Manager
  • gedit
  • jEdit
  • Kate
  • nanoNotepad
  • SciTE
  • TextEdit
  • TextMate
  • TED Notepad
  • UltraEdit
  • vi
  • Vim

Source Code Editors

  • ActiveState Komodo
  • Aptana
  • Arachnophilia
  • BBEdit
  • BlueFish
  • EditPlus
  • HTML-Kit
  • Notepad++
  • PHPEdit
  • TextPad
  • UltraEdit

WYSIWYG editors

  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Bluefish
  • CoffeeCup HTML Editor
  • Contribute
  • KompoZer
  • Microsoft Expression Web
  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • NetObjects Fusion
  • Nvu
  • SeaMonkey Composer
  • Quanta Plus

Web Tracker is capable of tracking, logging and bookmarking the IPs of website visitors and determining geographical and behavioral statistics of each individual visitor based strictly on the IP address and agent cookies. Among reports offered by the IP tracking system, the system's feature implementations allow you to:

  • Count and track website visitors and produce detailed reports with significant detail on the visitor activity
  • Track and identify repeated visitors, while privately monitoring browsing activity in real time
  • Control access to your online documents, and setup document internet access permissions based on IP, Time and GEO tracking information
  • Analyze search engine contribution to website traffic with website analytics
  • Track the referrers that deliver the most of the web traffic, including referring websites URLs, search engines and keywords used
  • Simultaneously monitor website traffic on multiple websites on the same page
  • Generate reports similar to Google Analytics and other website analytics services, but with more detail about each individual website visitor
  • Monitor web campaigns success and revenue generated
  • Place trackers on individual website links and pages
  • Bookmark visitors' IPs and keep track of visitors even if the IPs have changed

For list of additional features, see Features.

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