Simple Machines Forum (SMF) Statistics, Hits Tracker, and Analytics

Star SMF Statistics Installation Guide

If you have a forum powered by Simple Machines (SMF), you may be interested in web analytics or statistics for your website. By following these instructions, you can set up a tracker on your forum:

  1. Get a website analytics account at

  2. Sign in to your account and go to your Projects page. Click on "Add New Project"

  3. Enter the your forum's root address into the URL box and name your project accordingly

  4. Select "Simple Machines Forum" from the list of tracker code types

  5. Right-click on and copy your new SMF HTML & JavaScript-based tracking code

  6. Go to your SMF-based forum and log in with an Administrator account

  7. Go to the "Admin" control panel

  8. Go to the "Packages" configuration screen, and select "Download Packages"

  9. Right-click on and save the TraceMyIP for SMF mod to your Desktop. Under "Upload a Package", choose the file that you just saved and click on "Upload"

  10. Click on "[ Install Mod ]" or "[ Apply Mod ]". Read the information. Then scroll down and confirm the installation

  11. If you have SMF 1.1, go to Admin -> Features and Options and scroll down to find the tracker box. If you have SMF 2.0, go to Admin -> Configuration -> Modification Settings -> Miscellaneous and find the tracker box there

  12. Paste your tracker code into the box and save your changes. Go to your Home page

  13. Verify that the tracker now shows up at the bottom of your forum

Note: In some cases, if you are using a theme different from the default, the mod may generate errors and not work. In this case, you will have to follow SMF's instructions for manually installing a mod  (external link)

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