Blog Visitor Traffic Analytics and Counter

If you came here, you likely have a blog set up with, right? If so, you may be interested in keeping track of who visits and reads your blog and where they come from. Simply follow these easy steps to set up visitor tracking on your website:

  1. Navigate to and sign up for an account for website visitor tracking

  2. Log in to your new TraceMyIP account. Select "My Projects" up at the top, choose "Add New Project", and then select any one of the different counters and tracking widgets. All styles of widget will collect the same tracking information

  3. Enter your blog's web address ( e.g., ) and choose an appropriate name for your tracking project

  4. Select "" from the dropdown list of tracker code types

  5. Next, copy your new JavaScript+HTML-based visitor/viewer tracking code snippet

  6. Log in to your account and click on "My" up at the top

  7. Click on the "Design" link under the blog you'd like to enable tracking on

  8. Choose "Design Wizard"

  9. Click on the "Widgets" tab and select "Add more widgets here" wherever you want to add your tracking widget. We recommend the Footer

  10. Choose "HTML / Javascript" and click on the "Add widget" button

  11. Find your newly created widget, hover over it, and click on the Settings icon to edit it

  12. Paste in your tracking code into the box and save your changes

  13. Click on the "Save & continue" button at the bottom of the screen

  14. View your blog to make sure your tracker now appears in the footer (or wherever you placed once on every webpage

  15. Repeat steps 7-13 for each blog that you want to track

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