LiveVideo Video, Music, Blog, and Profile URL IP Counter

StarVideo, Music, Blog, and Profile URL IP Counter Installation Guide

If you have a account, you can track who visits your profile and see who looks at your videos, blogs, photos, and more. To do so, simply follow these steps to enable tracking on your LiveVideo profile and web pages:

  1. Get an Internet URL visitor tracking account at

  2. Log in to your account, and click on "Add New Project". Select a tracker (all styles function the same

  3. Enter your LiveVideo profile's web address and name your project

  4. Select "LiveVideo" from the tracking website's drop-down menu while generating your TraceMyIP code. does not allow embedding a JavaScript code. Therefore some features like the keywords and referrer link will not work with LiveVideo. All other TraceMyIP functions will work as designed

  5. Right-click on and copy your new HTML visitor tracking code

  6. Login to LiveVideo and click on your username at the top

  7. Click on "edit" next to "Who is Username"

  8. Paste your tracker code into the "About Me" box

  9. You may also want to set up tracking on individual photos, videos, blog entries, etc. You may simply be able to do that by pasting the visitor tracker code into the description or comment

  10. Verify that the tracker now shows up on your profile and on other pages that you want to track

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