Zorpia.com My Homepage Profile Tracker and Friend Spy Counter

StarMy Homepage Profile Tracker and Friend Spy Counter Installation Guide

If you have an account on Zorpia: A World of Friends, you may be wondering how to track and see who visited your profile and homepage. Just follow these steps to see your Zorpia.com profile viewers and watcher friends.  You can even do the following on your friends' homepages, and see what their traffic is like!

  1. Subscribe to a web visitor tracking account at tracemyip.org

  2. Log in to your new account, go to "My Projects", and click on "Add New Project"

  3. Select "Zorpia.com" from the drop-down list of website trackers.  Note that Zorpia only allows JavaScript for "Royal Zorpians".  If you are a Zorpian subscriber, choose "Zorpia.com - Royal" instead

  4. Right-click on your generated code and copy it

  5. Now log in to your Zorpia.com account.  Visit your homepage (or someone else's!).  Scroll down until you see the Guestbook.  Write something in the box, and paste your code at the end of your message ( make sure to enter a subject ). Post your message

  6. Now reload or "Preview" the page to see your new tracker

IMPORTANT: Make sure you do not enter in the code more than once - you will get inaccurate results and your tracking account could be suspended!

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