SingSnap Public Karaoke Profile Visitor Counter and View Statistics

Public Karaoke Profile Visitor Counter and View Statistics Installation Guide

If you have a public account or profile on SingSnap, you may be wondering who views your public profile and its karaoke songs, recordings, and other hit releases. Simply go through the following simple steps in order to install profile website visitor tracking on your SingSnap account:

  1. Register for a social network and website tracking account at

  2. Log in to your account, go to your Projects page, click on "Add New Project", and select a tracker (all styles function the same

  3. Enter your SingSnap profile's public address (e.g. and name your project accordingly. To find this address, when editing your account right-click on the "Click here to see what your public SingSnap profile page looks like right now..." button and copy the link or URL

  4. Select "SingSnap" from the list of website/code types while generating your TraceMyIP script, and press the "Get Code" button

  5. On the next page, right-click on and copy your new SingSnap HTML visitor tracking code

  6. Login to SingSnap and visit your account profile editor page by clicking on the ACCOUNT tab in the top right corner and and then on the PROFILE tab on the left

  7. Scroll down the page until you see a "Personal Info" box or section. Paste your code into this box

  8. Click on the "Update" button to save changes to your profile

  9. Now, log out of your account, and visit your public profile page. Make sure that the tracker is visible where you put it

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