Tracker has suddenly stopped working

If you've used the tracker for while with success and it suddenly stopped tracking visitors, or the number of detected visits dropped significantly:

  • Login to your account
  • If you are a premium subscriber and use the hidden tracker feature, disable the hidden tracker for troubleshooting purposes
  • Go to your account settings and disable IP and Auto blocking of your own visits
  • Visit your web pages and make sure they load completely, including the section where your TraceMyIP  tracker is installed. Since you have disabled the [hidden tracker] option, your tracker icon should appear quickly
  • If you use third party widgets such as counters, maps, social networking plugins, these may cause conflicts and prevent contents of your website from loading on some computers, including your TraceMyIP tracker. We suggest that you always install the visitor tracker code first, closer to the top of the page before any other widgets
  • Finally, if your tracker icon still does not show up and you do not see your own visits logged, check the source code of your web pages - most likely your code was accidentally removed or changed while you were editing the contents of your web pages. This often happens when you use an invisible tracker while editing your pages. Always keep an eye on your tracker to ensure that it always appears on every page of your website.
Another reason for a sudden drop in hits is a possibility that your website has been dropped out of the index by one of the major search engines, such as Google. If you have a questionable content on your site that could violate the search engine's terms and conditions, your website might have been banned. Type in the URL address of your website into a search engine's search box to see if it still shows up.

You can also refer to the following articles: If you're still unable to resolve the problem, please contact technical support.

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