Intermittent problems with website visitor tracking and counting

I think that I may have intermittent problems with visitor counting and detection. It looks like the tracker doesn’t detect visitors consistently. What could I do to improve it?

When we design our web pages while using high speed internet connections such as cable, satellite or DSL, we tend to push the website publishing limits by placing a lot of content on each page. At the same time, if TraceMyIP's tracker code is placed at the bottom of a page, this make become an issue.

All the content on our web pages is cached in our browsers as we design it, so we keep adding the graphics, movies and sounds to the page making it extremely big in size! And yes, it loads pretty quickly on our computers. However, when a new visitor comes to our extremely busy page, it often takes more than a minute and sometimes several minutes to load for the first time. Many internet users around the world still use modem connections or utilize portable wireless Internet devices. So loading our web page becomes quite a wait, and statistically, most people will NOT wait for the page to completely load if it takes more than 5-8 seconds. They simply leave the page. Therefore, your TraceMyIP tracker does not get a chance to load and detect a visitor. 
While we like to play and add lots of free gadgets (scripts) found on the web, we make our pages significantly slower. Why? Because even though the gadgets look like they take very little space on the page, these scripts actually download a significantly larger amount of data to visitor browsers by connecting to their owner’s web servers. In addition, since these scripts have to connect to a third party server and IF that server is down, slow on response or located in the other part of the world, it will stop your web page from loading. This also prevents your TraceMyIP tracker from loading. Furthermore, your visitors will never get a chance to see the page in its entirety.

What could you do to improve it?

  • Move your TraceMyIP tracker closer to the top of the page, so it catches your visitors as soon as they visit your web page. If you have placed the tracker code below an image gallery, a video, or a music player, there is a change it will never get loaded.
  • Optimize your web page. Remove unnecessary content and free gadgets. Make your web page look clean, easy to read and navigate. Although it may seem to you that it's very simple already, don't forget that YOU know it well, because YOU designed it. For a visitor that never seen your site before, it may look pretty complex and hard to understand and navigate.
You've probably seen a lot of web pages that look confusing. Well, they obviously don't look confusing to their owners!

It is also should be noted that a very small percentage of web visitors use Internet devices that do not have full multimedia browsing compatibilities. This means that all that they are able to see browsing your web pages is text. If a web device is is limited to text browsing only, TraceMyIP may not be able to detect that device. Another possibility is that a visitor may be using a proxy server connection, which may produce the same effect. TraceMyIP system however, constantly adapts to the old and new technologies which translates into the broader device detection compatibilities.

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