Webnode Personal and Business Website Visitor Statistics Tracker

 Star Personal and Business Website Visitor Statistics Tracker Installation Guide

If you have made a website with, it's very easy to install a tracker and evaluate the effectiveness of your business or personal pages, and see who visits your Webnode website. Simply follow these instructions to install a visitor counter on your Webnode site.

  1. Sign up for a website visitor tracking account at

  2. Log in to your new tracking account, go to "My Projects", click on "Add New Project" menu item, and select a tracker ( all styles function the same way )

  3. Enter your website's public web address into the "Website URL" box and enter the name of your website into the "Title" box

  4. Select "Webnode" from the tracker "Code Type" drop down menu while generating your fraudLog code. Click on the "Get Code" button

  5. Right click on and copy your new Webnode JavaScript / HTML visitor tracking code

  6. Now log in to your Webnode account. Go to "My Projects", click on "Manage website" next to the website you want to enable tracking on, and edit that website

  7. Under "Settings", click "Website Footer". Paste your code into the "Footer HTML Code" box and save your changes

  8. Publish and preview your website. You should now see your tracker at the bottom of the website

  9. If you are a premium fraudLog user, you can follow this step to hide the tracker icon


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