Hide the tracker icon and make it invisible on my website

An invisible tracker icon option is only available for TraceMyIP Level 2 (or higher) subscribers.

The hidden website visitor tracker option allows placing the tracker icon at the very top of your web page without altering your website layout. Placing a visitor tracking code at the very beginning of your pages in the header, ensures the most accurate visitor detection rates.

Once you have installed your website visitor tracker and made certain that the tracker icon shows on all pages of your website, you can enable the invisible tracker mode that will hide the tracker icon on all of your web pages.

To enable the hidden tracker option:

  • Click on “My Projects” link in the upper user menu
  • Click on the “edit” link located next to your project name
  • Check the “Invisible Tracker” box located at the bottom of the Project Settings page
  • Hit “Update” button
Your tracker is now hidden and not visible on all of your website pages. The status column for your project on "My Projects" page will display a HIDDEN icon to indicate that a hidden mode is enabled.

Note: If after following the steps above your website visitor tracker is still visible on your pages, there can be two situations as to why this has occurred:
  1. You have enabled the "Invisible Tracker" mode for a wrong project
  2. You have a wrong tracker code installed on your website, which does not belong to the correct project. To resolve this problem, remove all instances of your tracker from your pages, and reinstall a fresh copy of the tracker code. To generate a replacement tracker code, click on the "tracker code" link corresponding to your project name on "My Projects" page, and follow the wizard to get a new tracker code. Once generated, place the exact same code on ALL pages of your website or in the header of your website. Once you have confirmed your visitor tracker installation and the icon appears on ALL pages of your website, you can follow the steps in the beginning of this guide to make your visitor tracker invisible.
IMPORTANT!  If you are a Basic Free Level 1 subscriber, this option is not available to you. Hiding the tracker icon by altering the code, adding css class or changing its position without upgrading of your account, will force the system to start randomly ignoring the hits coming from your website and will eventually result in termination of your TraceMyIP account along with data and is against TraceMyIP Terms of Service.

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