Visitor traffic log space, log sizes and daily traffic page load limitations explained

Your TraceMyIP account’s visitor traffic data is stored in multiple databases for system efficiency allowing high performance data acquisition and database management. Each report has its own database size that is assigned depending on your subscription level.

Each account has two types of visitor traffic acquisition limits to help to balance the entire network load, providing equally great experience for all users located on the same network node as you are.

TYPE 1 - Daily Page Load Limit

This limit can be anywhere between 6000 and 150000 clicks / page loads per day, per project, which is applied to your account depending on your subscription level. The limit does not affect how much data can be stored under your account, but simply limits the number of times the visitor tracker code can be loaded in your visitors' browsers.

As an example, if your daily page load limit is 6000 and one of your projects has received over 6000 page views within a 24-hour period, this particular project will stop logging your website visitors' data for the rest of the day and will resume its normal operation the next day. If this happens several times, you should consider upgrading your subscription level. You will see a notice next to your project name if this condition has occurred.

TYPE 2 – Data Storage Limit

Hourly Hits Log - Used for charts statistics
Stores statistics for Total Pages Viewed, Unique Visits, First Time Visitors and Returning Visitors for the duration of up to 336 hours. This means you can go back in time up to 336 hours and view hour by hour click counts. This log size depends on the subscription level selected.

Daily Hits Log - Used for charts statistics
Stores statistics for Total Pages Viewed, Unique Visits, First Time Visitors and Returning Visitors for an unlimited duration from the very first day you have started a project. This log has no timeframe limitation and you can always go back as far as needed for your visitor counter reports.

Real Time Visitor Details Log - stores detailed tracking data about each individual page view, such as referrer information, geo, network, IP address, campaign tracker page view details and other visitor associated data.
This log is used for the following live traffic reports:
  • Visitor Map
  • Visitor List
  • Page Load details
  • Came From
  • Keywords
  • Campaigns page view details
[Real Time Visitor Details Log] is also utilized for cumulative statistics provided by the drop down menu that contains the following reports:  TRAFFIC    PAGES    VISITORS    PLATFORMS    GEO

The Link and Page trackers have their own daily, monthly and yearly hit logs, and those have a retention as specified under your subscription plan. When a Link or a Page Tracker is triggered, it also inserts a detailed visitor activity entry into the [Real Time Visitor Details Log] space to provide you later with more information about each click event.

Depending on your subscription level, the size of the [Real Time Visitor Details Log] can be anywhere between 500 and 18000 per project created under your account. Any visitor activity such as a page view or a click takes one database entry in this particular log. If for example your account’s traffic log has a size of 500, each one of your projects can record and store details about the most recent 500 page views to provide you with very detailed information about each page view. After your log fills up and has reached a limit of 500, the oldest entries are deleted as the new ones are added, therefore you are provided with continuous monitoring solution.

[Real Time Visitor Details Log] is not purged until the new data is captured, at which point it is gradually updated with the new entries - each new entry replaces the oldest one in the log. If you have had 500 page views within the last year, then the detailed information about your visitors will be available for as long as a year. The larger your log size is, the better retention and quality of statistics will be.

It should be noted that your click counts for daily hits are not affected by [Real Time Visitor Details Log] size and the data for your click counters is never deleted or altered in any way.

There are several options you can use to save your [Real Time Visitor Details Log] space with use of the following:
  • Log Filter - allows you to stop logging search engine bots activity and other non-essential data indexing scripts that may often access your content. (read more)
  • Domain Tracker Security - is useful to prevent logging unauthorized click activity if your visitor tracking code has been stolen and placed under a different domain other than the website domain name you have specified under your project. To access this feature, click on the project's [edit] link located on "My Projects" page. (read more)
  • Selective Tracking - allows you to specify which countries should be included or excluded from visitor tracking. This makes it a great solution to unclutter your visitor log and capture only a relevant to you information, while maximizing the use of your [Real Time Visitor Details] log. (read more)
When you browse your reports, you can always determine what type of log space is used for each particular report by hovering your mouse over the informational icon located just below the "Visitor Map" button located in the upper right corner of your account's console.

You can save any of the reports to your local storage by clicking on the report export icons below each report.

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