Protect statistics tracking code from being stolen and used under a different domain name

If you would like to protect your tracking code from being stolen and used under a different and unauthorized domain name or with a different website then specified in the Website URL field of your project, you can use the "Domain Tracker Security" feature.

When "Domain Tracker Security" is enabled, your tracking code will only work under the domain name of your website, as specified under the "Website URL" field of your project.

While the security feature is enabled and the tracker code is placed under an unauthorized domain name, the tracker icon will FLASH a warning under the offending domain but will function normally under your domain name. This feature is useful is if someone has been trying to sabotage your website statistics.

To protect your code from being used under an unauthorized domain name, follow these steps:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on [My Projects] menu link
  • Locate the website project that you'd like to protect
  • Click on the [edit] link located to the right of your project's name
  • Enable the feature by selecting "Active" from the "Domain Tracker Security" drop down
  • Click on [UPDATE] button on the bottom of the page
Your project tracking code is now fully protected against being used under a different than home domain name.

IMPORTANT! Ensure that your website's domain name is correctly specified under your project's settings. If this feature is enabled and your website's URL doesn't match the domain name where the tracker is installed, your tracker will stop functioning and will display a warning icon on your website.

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