Stop logging your own website visits

To save your log space, you can prevent TraceMyIP from logging your own visits to the websites where you have installed a TraceMyIP tracker.

To prevent website tracker from logging your own visits:

  • Go to "My Account" in the upper user menu and click on the "Settings" menu link
  • On the very bottom of the settings page, there will be an IP BLOCKING section
You can prevent the system from logging your own visits via 2 different methods:
  1. Check the box next to "Block this computer automatically" and click on the "Update" button. This will set a tracking cookie in the browser that you had used to enable this setting. Next time when you visit your website where TraceMyIP is installed, TraceMyIP will detect that tracking cookie in your browser and will not record your visits. However, if you empty your browser's cache along with the cookies, this option will be automatically disabled. If at any time your browser loses the tracking cookie, this setting will be turned off.  In case of automatic blocking where a cookie is placed in your browser, the reliability of this setting will depend ON YOUR browser's ability to retain the tracking cookie.
  2. If your browser doesn't hold the cookies or you empty your browser's cache often, you can prevent the system from logging your visits by specifying an IP address that the system will ignore when logging website traffic. There are 8 blank IP address boxes. Simply paste "Your Current IP" address in one of those boxes and click on the "Update" button. The system will ignore any hits coming from that IP address. This option is also great to use if you want to block multiple computers located on the same local network, or if you access your website(s) with different browsers.
If you are having difficulties with blocking your own visits, please see this page

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