Automatic IP blocking doesn't work and your own visits are still logged by the system

"Block this computer automatically" setting is located under account settings page (My Account>Settings) and is used to prevent the system from logging your own visits, thus allowing you to save your log space.

When "Block this computer automatically" setting is enabled, this option will place a temporary cookie in your browser that will allow the system to ignore your own visits (or clicks if you use a Link Tracker feature) for all sites listed under your account.

This option may become disabled if the following occur:

  • Your web browser had purged all cookies, along with your TraceMyIP blocking cookie
  • You empty your browser's cache along with all cookies
  • You use a private browsing option within your browser
  • Your web browser is configured to delete cookies at the end of browsing session or after certain period of time
  • Your browser has crashed, losing the IP blocking cookie
  • You use a different browser than the one you've used when you turned on the automatic blocking
If for any of the above reasons you're unable to use this feature, you can always copy and paste your current IP address in the IP blocking section located under My Account>Settings and the IP blocking setting will be stored under your TraceMyIP account, which will resolve any issues you may have.

If you use several browsers, you need to enable the Automatic IP blocking option while using those browsers, as each browser requires it's own IP Blocking Cookie placed in its cache directory.

For more information on blocking your own visits, please see this page

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