Share website statistics publicly and make all tracking data available to guest account users

"Guest Mode" provides a secure method for sharing your web statistics with others while keeping your personal information private.

"Guest Mode" enables two individual methods that allow sharing the statistics information:

  • Method 1: Sharing via a special guest link that can be used in emails, posted on websites and blogs, and provided on print media. When the "Guest Mode" is enabled, this link will appear on your account's Status Screen. You can always disable your "Guest Mode" under your account settings, which will render the links you have provided to others inactive.
  • Method 2: Sharing via linking your tracker icon directly to your account's statistics. To use this feature, enable the "Guest Mode" and generate your visitor tracker code while checking the "Public Statistics" option. The new generated code will automatically allow you to link your visitor tracker icon directly to your statistics. If you have never linked your tracker to your account statistics before, you will need to reinstall the new visitor tracker code while removing the old one. Once the new code is installed, you can always deactivate "Public Statistics" that links your tracker to your statistics simply by disabling the "Guest Mode" under your account's settings screen.

To enable the "Guest Mode", go to [My Account] / [Settings] menu item. Scroll down to “My Projects” section. Check the "Guest Mode" box and click on the update button at the bottom of the page. The "Guest Mode" is now enabled under your account. The account status screen will display the guest mode status, along with a dedicated link that can be used to enable anyone to browse all of your account’s reports.

The guest mode places your account in Read-Only mode and features the following:
  • Provides access to all reports under your account
  • Disables access to your account's status screen
  • Restricts access to and hides your profile information, your address book entries, address book tracking information on your logs, technical support account information, password management and account status information
  • Disables visitor tagging and hides existing account visitor tag information
  • Disables ALL of the account setting modifications
  • Disables management of all data, including adding and deleting projects, link trackers and campaign trackers and log entries
  • Disables management of authorized users
  • Disables access to subscription information and modification options

Alternatively, if more control is needed over the features  accessibility, an authorized user can be added to an account to provide custom project access policies. To read more about authorized user management, click here.

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