Add additional authorized users to your website visitor analytics account with specific permissions

Your visitor account contains a module that allows adding additional users to your account.

The following are the features and description of each function of the module:

  • Add an authorized user
    • By adding a user and specifying a login and password for this user, you're allowing this user to access your account under conditions as specified further
  • Status
    • Active - enable user account.
  • Auto Blocking
    • Enable to force the system to ignore this user's own visits to all sites under the account
  • Visitor Avatars
    • Set to Show Avatars to display system assigned visitor icons on visitors traffic log
  • Results Per Page
    • Sets the number of entries to show per page on each traffic report page
  • User Permissions - define the actions an authorized user will be able to do while logged to your account
    • View project(s) summary page - see the project summary page by clicking on My Projects menu item
    • View full project(s) statistics - see all reports corresponding to each project
    • View campaign trackers statistics - view reports produced by the campaign tracker
    • View link & page trackers statistics - view reports produced by link and page trackers
    • View address book - view but not edit or delete address book records
    • Show tagged visitors on reports - see the address book tags and avatars assigned to website visitors
    • Add & edit projects, campaign trackers, link & page trackers - create new projects and campaign, link and page trackers under each projects but not delete them
    • Generate replacement projects codes - recover lost project codes by clicking on tracker code link corresponding to each project
    • Delete projects, campaign trackers, link & page trackers - delete without an option of recovery any project, campaign, link & page trackers
    • Edit & delete address book records - edit and delete address book entries without an option of recovery
    • Edit own account settings, profile & password - edit only own, authorized user account's settings and password. An authorized user cannot edit its administrator profile and accounts settings even if this option is enabled
    • View master account payment alerts, manage billing & subscriptions - authorized user will have privileges to view the same status screen as his or her administrator (Master Account) and view payment alerts, billing details and subscriptions available to upgrade. Please note that this option will not allow the user to cancel your primary subscription. To cancel your subscription you must be logged in as an administrator
    • Contact technical support on your behalf (share the same support tickets) - authorized user can contact our technical support on your behalf. This means that the administrator will receive technical support ticket notifications and will be able to view and share responses with an authorized user
    • FULL administrator rights - this will place an authorized user in full authority to perform ALL of the above actions, including upgrading subscriptions and managing the payments. The only restriction that will still be in place is canceling an account. An administrator must be logged in to be able to cancel a master account
  • Project Access:
    • Select which projects will be accessible to the authorized user and appear on the "My Project" page of the authorized user account
  • Email To User
    • If checked, the system will send an email to the user with account access information such as the created or edited login, password and permissions' description
Alternatively, you can share your account statistics without creating an authorized user by using a guest mode.

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