(1) Visitor tracker installation procedure overview

If you don't have a tracker code, either sign up for a new account at tracemyip.org or login to your account to generate a tracker code:

  • If you have an existing project, click on the "tracker code" link located to the right of the project name and follow the screen prompts. Don't forget to select an applicable type of the code (JavaScript of HTML)  for your type of the website or select your social networking name from the "Code Type" drop down menu.
  • To create a new project with a new tracker code, click on "Add New Project" link located in the upper user menu.

If you have a complete access to all of your website files:
  • Ensure that you are using a JavaScript version of the tracker code IF your web editor allows to install it. It will provide you with the best tracking results and will enable all of the features under your TraceMyIP account.
  • Find a header or a footer file of your website that's embedded into every single page of your website so you could track all pages of your pages by placing your code only once. If you do not have a header or a footer file, install the code on every page of your site manually.
  • Open the html or htm file in a text editor, such as a notepad (Do not use an editor such as Frontpage or other HTML editors in text/graphic editing mode as it will alter your code) and place the code so that it's positioned after the <body> tag. If your tracker code shows up as code when you view your page, you did not switch your editor into HTML code / Source code editing mode before placing your tracker code.
  • Save the changes to your pages and if you have worked offline with your pages, upload them to your server
  • Verify that the tracker icon shows up on all pages. If you are a premium TraceMyIP subscriber you also have an option to enable an invisible tracker mode
Please note that only the same style of the tracker must to be used throughout your website. Otherwise you will get a duplicate tracker code error, which will prevent the system from logging the visitor activity properly.

If you use a social networking site, most likely you will need to use an HTML version of the code for compatibility, however, you can first try using JavaScript code and see if your tracker images shows up after you have installed it.
  • Copy and paste the code either in the "About Me" section, or the comments section of your web page. The code has to be placed preferably to the very top of the page to guarantee that ALL of your visits are captured. If your web text editor has options, switch editor to HTML/Source code mode first before pasting your code.
  • For installation instructions on a specific type of a social networking site, you can browse this user installation guide.
If you have a Flash or Silverlight based site, follow the directions on tracking the flash events here

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