Problems receiving emails from the system

Whenever I use a TraceMyIP feature that requires sending email messages to the email account on file, I either don't receive emails at all, or the email delivery is intermittent. How do I resolve the problem?

You will need to check the following:

  • Your email bulk folder. If the email messages from TraceMyIP are delivered to your bulk folder, you'll need to add the TraceMyIP system email address to your email account's address book to disable filtering of the email messages coming from TraceMyIP
  • You may have setup an email sender verification procedure that requires a person who sends you an email to click on the verification link before a message for the first time can be delivered to your inbox. If this feature is enabled, you will need to manually add TraceMyIP's sender email address to your list of verified email addresses. Since TraceMyIP uses a few different "from" email addresses, you may need to first disable the verification feature temporarily to receive a first system message from TraceMyIP to be able to add it to the list of verified email addresses.
  • If you use a free email service provider such as Yahoo! email or any other advertiser supported free email service, you may have intermittent problems receiving emails in general.
We'd suggest that you use a permanent email address for TraceMyIP such as given to you by your ISP. TraceMyIP is proud to be a 100% spam free service and your email address on file remains completely private and is not sold to third parties.

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