How do I downgrade my subscription to a lower level?

If you are a LEVEL 2 or higher subscriber, you can downgrade your subscription to a lower (but not a free subscription) level. Once you downgrade, your visitor log will automatically be trimmed to delete the oldest records that exceed your new downgraded level quota.

If you currently have more projects tracked then the new level’s allowance, those projects will be locked; therefore you first need to delete the extra projects you don’t need to be tracked.

Follow these steps to downgrade your subscription:

  1. Login to your fraudLog account
  2. Go to “My Account” menu and click on “Upgrade Subscription” option, and then decide on the level of subscription that fits your needs. Note the number of projects allowed per your new subscription level.
  3. Click on “My Projects” menu to go to your project’s summary page. Note the number of the projects you currently have. If the number of the projects you track exceeds the number of the projects on your selected downgraded subscription, delete the projects you don’t need to prevent the system from automatically locking the excess number of the projects. Once the number of the projects equals or falls below of the allowance of the downgraded subscription, you are ready to downgrade your subscription.
  4. You will first need to cancel your current subscription. Go to “My Account” menu and select “Status” option. In the “Payment Information” section, click on the “manage” link located to the right of your payment type. Follow the steps provided to cancel your current subscription. Once the subscription is cancelled, log back in to your fraudLog and you will be given an option to select a new subscription level.

Please note: If you had used a hidden tracker option for each one of your projects, you will need to set this option again for each of your projects manually.


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