1. What is campaign tracker and how it works


Campaign Tracker is a tracemyip.org module that allows you to track all of your internet ad campaigns in a unified solution. It is essentially an online advertising manager.

Campaign Tracker allows you to:

  • Create landing page URLs for an indefinitely broad amount of campaign providers

  • See which of your website visitors came from which particular ads

  • Keep track of all types of ads and conversions

  • Collect statistics from services like Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, and Yahoo! Search Marketing

  • Analyze the effectiveness of various campaign networks in order to save money and gain more visitors

  • View a plethora of information about each visitor with the integrated Website Visitor Tracker

Overall, Campaign Tracker is a tool that's indespensable to managing your statistics across multiple campaign services.


How does campaign tracking work?

When you purchase ads off a campaign service, you provide the URL for a landing page - the web page you want your visitors to be sent to when they click on one of your ads. Luckily, many ad campaign providers allow you to put extra information in the landing page URL, and some even transmit their own information, such as the ID of a particular ad and the keywords users searched for to get to your website. When a user is sent to your landing page, Website Visitor Tracker collects the information and displays it to you in the membership area. Then, Campaign Tracker analyzes this and other information and displays it in the Campaign Tracker interface. Consider the following example:



How do I use Campaign Tracker?

Each tracemyip.org  project you create, has its own Campaign Tracker module that can manage multiple campaigns that are specific for the primary domain name of your project. In order for the Campaign Tracker to register visitors that follow your external ads, you need to have two elements in place:
A Visitor Tracker code placed on your web pages, preferably header of your website so that it shows up on ALL pages of your website, including your landing pages. The Visitor Tracker will read the values of your advertiser's landing page URL which you will see on your logs.
A Campaign Tracker generated landing page URL installed as a landing page URL for your ads. You can create a separate Campaign Tracker for each one of your ads if you would like.

Here are the basic steps you should follow to ensure successful tracking of your campaigns:

  1. Install a tracemyip.org Website Visitor Tracker in the header or a footer of your website and insure it shows up on landing pages as well. You can then enable an "invisible tracker" mode for this project if you'd like the tracker to be hidden.

  2. Go to the Campaign Tracker module by clicking on the Pie Chart icon for your project located on "My Projects" page and follow the instructions to add a new Campaign Tracker

  3. Continue with the process to create a landing page URL tailored to your specific campaign provider and to the data that you want to collect

  4. Copy and paste the generated replacement landing page URL into the landing page URL field of your ad.

See the How to Use Campaign Tracker tutorial for complete instructions.


What kind of information can I see and manage with the Campaign Tracker online advertisement management software?

Campaign Tracker is a module that works with the same data as Website Visitor Tracker. If Campaign Tracker is used to its full extent, you can see the following information in addition to what's displayed on Website Visitor Tracker:

  • The campaign service provider that redirected your visitor

  • The ID of that particular ad, its group, and its campaign

  • The type of ad (Pay Per Click, Banner, etc.)

  • The keyword that triggers your ad

  • The context your ad was found (search page or external website)

  • The match or relevance of the user's query to your ad's keywords

  • The primary advertiser

  • The search terms that led to your ad

  • The website on which the domain was found, if not in search results


What type of ads can be tracked with Campaign Tracker?

The Campaign Tracker service allows you to track all types of advertisements which use or contain links. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Pay Per Click

  • Image Banners

  • Flash Banners

  • Feeds

  • Email

  • Affiliate


Which advertisement campaign providers are supported?

The Campaign Tracker system works with all campaign services that use custom landing pages with variables. These include but are not limited to:

  • Google AdWords

  • Yahoo! Search Marketing

  • Microsoft adCenter



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