Tracker icon shows [Duplicate Tracking Code] error

If you have installed the visitor tracker on your website and instead of the selected tracker icon style you get a box with "Duplicate Tracking Code" error:

  • Try reloading your web page once to see if the icon has refreshed
  • Check the source code of your web page to ensure that only a single instance of the tracking code is installed.
The "Duplicate Tracking Code" error indicates that a tracking code has been loaded two times or more within a second by the same browser. This generally means that you may have more than one instance of the code on your web page. If you have recently updated your tracking code to a new style or version, you might have forgotten to remove the previous version of the code from your website.

Another possibility for the error is if you have used a website editor to edit your graphics and text while the tracker was set to a hidden mode under your TraceMyIP account. This could result in accidental duplication of the hidden code while you were editing the contents of the page, using copy and paste function. Since the tracker icon was hidden, you could copy some blank space along with the tracker code and other elements of the web page. To resolve the situation, unhide the tracker icon first, open your web page in the editor and make sure that only one tracker icon is displayed.

For more information regarding the multiple instances of the code on the same page, click here.

If you still can't resolve the problem, please submit a technical support ticket.

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