No referrer, came from or search engine information is displayed on statistics reports

When you browse your statistics and visitor traffic reports, the referrer information is not available, which includes visitor origin, search engine statistics, search engine keywords and visitor "came from" data.

  • If your website editor or website publishing software supports usage of the JavaScript, you will need to use a JavaScript version of the tracker. When using an HTML version of a tracker code, the referrer information is not available.
Note: Websites such as, LiveJournal, MSN Spaces, Xanga,, Bebo, eBay, Digg, Facebook, WordPress, Friendster and others, do not allow usage of a JavaScript code thus stripping the necessary for referrer reports code during installation. Some of the above sites, however, have an option of installing optional modules that allow using a JavaScript code. Since these modules are constantly updated, you'd have to make your own research to figure out how to place a JavaScript code into your web page.

If you have a direct access to your site's files, you should only use a JavaScript version of the tracker. This will give you significantly more information about your web page traffic. Simply click on the "tracker code" link for your project and generate a replacement JavaScript version of the code to use for your website. Make certain to remove the existing HTML tracker code from your website before installing a JavaScript version of the tracker.

Once the code is installed and the system has logged some visitors, you can get the actual statistics on all of the above by clicking on the "Stats" menu and then on "TRAFFIC" drop-down menu.

If you have performed the steps above, and the statistics menu now shows "Came From", "Keywords" and other referrer statistics option, but you still do not get the referrer information on your reports:
  • Ensure that you have the tracker installed on ALL of your website pages, and most importantly on the home page of your website.
  • Make certain, that the home page (the root of your website) is NOT being redirected to another page. For example, when you point your browser to your website's home address such as, the browser should NOT redirect to another page such If it does, then you'll need to disable the redirect. Why? Because the home page redirecting is considered to be a poor practice if you strive to achieve good relationships with search engines. Your home page is considered to be a showcase territory of your website by all search engines. If there's no content there and it's simply an entry/redirect page, then you're giving away one of the best ways to gain more search engine traffic. Furthermore, if you don't have a tracker installed on the primary page of your domain as mentioned above, then you will not see the reports on where your visitors are coming from and how they find your website.

For detailed description on the difference between JavaScript and HTML code trackers, please see this document.

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