Difference between JavaScript web tracker and HTML web tracker codes

What’s the difference between using JavaScript and HTML code on websites that allow using both types?

JavaScript tracker is the tracking method of choice because it enables all of the advanced tracking methods on your TraceMyIP account. If your website editor allows you to install a JavaScript tracker, then you should use this method to gain the most information about your visitors. An HTML tracking code should only be used for social networks or web editors that do not allow usage of JavaScript code.

To make the process of knowing if your social network or blog supports JavaScript, simply select the name of your web page provider from the tracker code type selection menu while generating your visitor tracking code. The system will automatically provide you with the correct code and instructions if documentation for your specific website is available.

Here are some of the JavaScript tracker features that HTML tracker does not provide:

  • Referrer tracking – see the website URLs where your visitors find links to your site
  • Search engine keyword tracking – see the visitor search engine activity, such as the keywords visitors use to find your website, search engine names, URLs, demographics and whether your website ranks high and appears on the first page of the search engine results
  • Browsing path – see how your visitors navigate from one page to another and how much time they spend going from one URL to another within your website
  • Cumulative external referrer statistics – see websites that refer to you most often and how many visitors are referred within a given period of time
  • Cumulative keywords statistics – see the keywords your visitors use that most often result in visits to your website
  • Cumulative search engine statistics – see how search engines rank your website and what country specific search engines bring you the most traffic
  • Cumulative internal referrer statistics – see which pages of your website refer the most to other specific pages on your website
  • Browser specific features statistics – know the resolution of computer screens your visitors use and see the browsers’ support of support JavaScript and flash.
  • Page Tracker option to control access to specific pages on your website by creating IP and GEO access rules
Once you have installed a proper tracker code on your website, your TraceMyIP account will automatically switch to the appropriate tracking mode once the first visitor is detected by the system.

If you have upgraded your tracker code from HTML version to JavaScript version, your account will automatically switch to the advanced tracking mode once a first visitor is detected with the JavaScript version of the tracker.

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