Create a service review and leave a star rating of your experience with the service

As a TraceMyIP subscriber, you are entitled and invited to create your own personal review to describe your experience with TraceMyIP service. Your feedback is an asset, and helps us to stay motivated. This translates into further developer efforts applied to improve the quality of the service and introduce new features.

To create your personal service review, login to your TraceMyIP account, and go to “My Account” menu. Select “Review / Feedback” option. Once selected, you will be taken to a "Feedback and Information" form. Using the category drop down menu, select “Service review / testimonial”. Click on the number of stars that corresponds to your level of satisfaction with the service. You will only be required to either leave your first or nick name. You can however, leave more information about yourself for self promotion purposes, such as your full name, company, your website address, and contact information if necessary. You can also select the “invisible” check boxes for the items that you do not want other people to see while they read your review.

Among other options on the “Feedback and Information” form, there are the following:

Your TraceMyIP story – share with others how you use TraceMyIP to solve your day to day challenges, and provide any other relevant information that describes your experience with TraceMyIP.

General comments – leave comments to attention of customer service. Although you will not receive a response, your comments will be carefully reviewed.

Tips to other members – provide other TraceMyIP members with helpful tips on how to use the service and to help solve a variety of web master tasks. By posting helpful tips, you are welcome to use it as a self advertising method, via specifying your website address in the “Website” field. Do not include any promotional messages in the message body.

Feature request / improvement – have an idea of other features you would like to see implemented? Provide us with a detailed description!

Problem report – if you have noticed any unusual software behavior while tracking your visitors and you do not need us to contact you back, use this option to provide us with the information and the exact steps on how to replicate a problem. We will review the information and address any pertinent issues on a priority basis. If you would like us to contact you regarding an issue, please submit a technical support ticket.

Suspicious activity – this self explanatory option lets you to provide us with the information that is a cause of a concern.

Collaboration offer – got ideas on mutual collaboration? Tell us about it using this option.

Employment – if you have the skills for content and technical writing, programming or multimedia creation, and would like to become a part of TraceMyIP, project, let us know! Include description of your skills and if possible, provide us with links to samples of your work!

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