3. Page tracker installation procedure

Note: In order to use the Page Tracker, you need to have an active Website Visitor Tracker for your website, as the Page Tracker is merely an extension added to each Website Visitor Tracker project. If you do not yet have a website visitor tracker installed, you first need to install a Website Visitor Tracker.

Page Tracker Installation Steps:

  • Click on “My Projects” link located in the upper user menu
  • Click on the project’s name that you’d like to install the Page Tracker for
  • Select “Page Tracker” from the menu and you’ll be taken to a “Page Tracker Setup” page and then read the contents of the “Page Tracker Setup” page and then click on “ADD a NEW Page Tracker” link on the bottom of the page
  • Select an appropriate version of the Page Tracker that you’d like to use. For more details on the versions of a Page Tracker, refer to this page. If you have selected a PHP Version of the Page Tracker, download the file from your fraudLog account and upload it to your website’s primary home directory first then proceed to the next page
  • Name your page tracker (such as “Contact Form”) by entring it into the “Primary Page Name” text box. Do not click on the “Create” button yet
  • Click on the “Configure” button located on the bottom of the page and you’ll be given the Page Tracker controller options.
  • Configure your Page Tracker controllers. For configuration guides see:
  • Click on the “Create” Button located at the bottom of the page
  • Copy and paste the generated page tracker JavaScript code to the very top of the page you need to control, preferably right before the closing </head> tag or right after the opening <body>  tag. Your Visitor Tracking code must always be positioned below the Page Tracker code. Please note: the page tracker JavaScript code will not show another tracker image on your site. It will be invisible to visitors.
  • Navigate to your website and test the page that you have setup with a Page Tracker. To test it, don’t forget to disable [blocking of your own visits]  and create a simple controller rule that would include your own IP address to see how the Page Tracker actually works.


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