1. Page and link tracker version overview

You have a choice of 2 different Link & Page Tracker installation methods:

PHP Version (recommended) – should be selected if:
  1. You have a standard web hosting account for your website            
  2. You can upload any type files to where your website html and/or php files are        
  3. Your web hosting account supports PHP4 or PHP5

        PHP Version Features:
  • High reliability  - even if TraceMyIP service is offline, your links will continue to work    
  • You don't need to point your links outside of your domain name            
  • This option requires uploading a singe file to the root directory of your website            

HTML URL Version (compatibility mode) – should be selected if:
  1. You use a blog, social network or a website with a limited administration control
  2. You cannot upload any type of files directly into the root of your domain or a subdomain to use for your web pages
  3. You website hosting service does not support PHP4 or PHP5

        HTML URL Version Features:
  • Easy installation - no file uploading is required
  • Your links will point to the file hosted on TraceMyIP server
  • Your links may stop working if TraceMyIP is temporarily offline or under a scheduled maintenance

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