1. What is link tracker and how it works

What is Link Tracker?

Link Tracker is a website visitor tracker module that allows you monitor, track and control any links on your website as long as you can edit where those links are pointing.

Link Tracker will control the access to your links even if the visitors have changed their IPs over time. Static or dynamic - Link Tracker will track MOST of the visitors that change their IP addresses. You will also see on the Link Tracker log which visitors have changed their IP addresses.

With Link Tracker you can block individual IP addresses or a range of IP addresses by creating an IP list. Each fraudLog subscription level has its own limit on the number of IP addresses that can be used to allow or block visitor's access.

Here are some things you can use the Link Tracker for:

  • Control a link to your website contact form and protect your contact form from spam, email address harvesting, or simply restrict it to be accessible to visitors from specific countries.
  • Protect and monitor access to your files and documents that you provide to your website visitors for viewing and downloading
  • If you sell advertising space on your website, you can count the number of clicks on a banner or a link and calculate the revenue that link has brought you. You can then invoice your clients according to your Link Tracker logs
  • Track email campaign clicks. When you send a batch of emails to your customers, you can quickly see if your customers have clicked on the links to the products you are promoting
  • Protect a link to private forums and chat rooms. Allow visitors only with specific IPs or from a specific country to access your chat rooms or forums. Furthermore, you can schedule the time, when your chat rooms and forums are  available to use via the Time Control module.
  • Hide your login and other sensitive forms from any IP range of visitors, or range of countries.
  • Redirect or block any visitor or a number of visitors to specific pages based on IP, GEO and Time rules
  • Control download links on your site and select who, where and when can download files from your website
  • Send a popup message or a warning to a specific visitor or a range of visitors
  • Create vacation or "business closed" messages on your website
The above are just some ideas on how you can utilize the Link Tracker to your advantage.

How does it work?

The Link Tracker is designed to strictly work with the links on your website. By definition, a link is a URL which points to a specific page or a domain name.

When you replace your links with the Link Tracker generated URLs, fraudLog will be able to analyze each click, providing you with the information about the activity of your visitors pertaining the usage of the link on your website. Here's what happens when a website visitor clicks on one of your links that are now converted to a Link Tracker link:
  • Each click is first directed to fraudLog script located on fraudLog server
  • The software analyzes the data for the visitor, including IP address, GEO location and other variables
  • Analyzed data is converted to an action as specified by you on the Link Tracker setup page
  • A visitor's click is now converted back to your website link which redirects your visitor to a page or provides the visitor with information according to the rules you have specified.

As an example, you may have a link called "My Pictures" which brings you to a page where you post pictures or images. If you look at the source code of your web page, you will see that "My Pictures" link may have this type of format:

     <a href="">My Pictures</a>

The Link Tracker URL is designed to replace the part between the double quotes after   href=   part. When you add a new Link Tracker under your project, you feed your existing link    to the Link Tracker and in return, the Link Tracker will provide you with a new URL that you need to use as shown below:

      Your original link: <a href="">My Pictures</a>
      Replaced with a Link Tracker url: <a href="paste_your_link_tracker_url_here">My Pictures</a>

Once you have replaced your original URL with the Link Tracker URL, "My Pictures" link will now be controlled by the Link Tracker.

If you have an navigation menu on your website, you'll generally need to replace the links in that menu to ensure that your primary pages are protected throughout your entire website.

For Link Tracker installation help, please see this page.


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