vBulletin web visitor IP tracker

vBulletin Visitor Geo Tracker

Star Visitor Tracker Installation Guide

  1. Register your web visitor tracking account at tracemyip.org

  2. Login to your account and click on "Add New Project" menu item

  3. Enter your vBulletinfull page address and name your project

  4. Select "vBulletin" from the tracker drop down menu while generating your TraceMyIP code

  5. Right click on code to copy your vBulletin Tracker JavaScript / HTML code

  6. Login to your vBulletin™ user control panel and click on the "Admin" link located on the bottom right of the page

  7. Log-in to the admin area

  8. Click and expand the tab "Styles & Templates" on the left and then select "Style Manager"

  9. Click on the "Go" button that belongs to your selected template (and not "Default Style")

  10. Place your TraceMyIP JavaScript tracker code in the header section

  11. Click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page

Help Desk

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  ---> 4. IP Address Book
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