myYearbook Social Profile Tracker and Friend Account Counter Spy

 Social Profile Tracker and Friend Account Counter Spy Installation Guide

If you have an account on, you may be interested in seeing who visits your myYearbook profile. Thanks to advanced web tracker technology, you can watch your profile for friend visits and know who went on your profile, who saw your photos, and more. Simply follow these simple instructions to install a myYearbook profile counter on your account.

  1. First, go to and register for a visitor tracking account

  2. Log in to your account, click on the "Add New Project" link, and select a tracker (all styles function the same

  3. Enter "" into the address and name your project similarly

  4. Select "myYearbook" from the fraudLog code type drop-down menu. Note that myYearbook does not support JavaScript code; therefore, some advanced features like keyword extraction may not work. All other fraudLog features will work as designed

  5. Right-click on and copy your new myYearbook image/HTML visitor tracking code

  6. Log in to your account. Go to your profile, and scroll down until you see the "Whatever I Want" box (if it's hidden, you need to click on "Manage Profile Boxes" on the left and check to enable

  7. Click on "Edit". Paste your myYearbook friend tracking code into the box and save your changes

  8. Verify that the tracker now shows up on your profile


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