Why am I required to submit full billing information when I pay with a credit card?

The billing information you submit at the time of the credit card checkout is transmitted to your credit card issuer for security verification. Since TraceMyIP accepts payments internationally, the merchant service security division requires full address verification in order to protect you, as a consumer from the fraud. This includes the phone of the credit card issuer, which is used in case if we need to report a fraudulent activity to your credit card issuer.

Although some merchant providers take a risk without address verification, it greatly increases the risk of usage of stolen credit cards numbers. As an example, when you make a purchase with your credit card at any place, your credit card numbers can be stolen and used to purchased goods or services without your authorization. With full credit card information verification such as utilized by our company, where the data is transmitted via secure servers directly to your credit card issuer, this type of fraud is virtually eliminated, while protecting you as a consumer.

These are the new standards of processing, and in the coming years, you'll see more merchants switching to this type of payment processing with full address verification.

As a company that provides sophisticated visitor tracking services to government and law enforcement entities, we are here to keep the high standards of security service, while eliminating the credit card fraud.

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