Tracker icon is not visible upon installation

You have installed the visitor tracking code on your website, but the tracker icon is not visible on any of your pages:

  • If you have installed a JavaScript version of the tracker, make sure that your website publishing system has not stripped the code. Many content management systems such as used by, intentionally remove any JavaScript code on upload. In this case you will need to your an HTML version of the code. When you have reinstalled the code, You can view the source code of your web page via your current browser and ensure that the code embedded into your web page is in the same format as the one that's generated by TraceMyIP.
  • If this is not a new installation and the tracker image is not visible, check the "visibility" setting of your tracker for the current project.
  • If your tracker icon was previously visible and then has disappeared, you could have accidentally removed it if you were editing your web page via a graphic web editor. You will need to reinstall the tracking code.

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