Tracker icon displays [Suspended] and the project is locked and not accessible

The tracker icon has changed to a “Suspended” mode and displayed on your website. When you attempt to view statistics under your account, your project appears to be locked.

The system periodically scans the source code where the tracker code is installed and verifies correct installation. If you have altered the code in any way, the system will suspend your project until the installation of the tracker code is corrected.

To resolve the issue:

  • Remove the current tracker code from your website
  • Generate a new tracker code by clicking on the “tracker code” link located to the right of your project’s name and reinstall the code on your website
  • Click on the “DETAILS” link located under the “ATTENTION Required” notice to the right of your project name and follow the directions to request a re-activation of the project.
Once the reactivation is requested, the “Suspended” icon will switch to a normal tracker icon while your request is being in the review.

Alternatively, you may upgrade your subscription to remove the restrictions and if you need to keep the modified code. The system will ignore code modifications for premium accounts as long as it remains fully functional and does not cause a malfunction on the server side.

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