Track website visitors IP from specific country or multiple countries with Selective Tracking

Selective Tracking is an integrated feature that allows you to track website visitor's IP addresses and other details selectively, based on the specified country or a number of countries.

The feature is designed to help content publishers with the following:

  • Produce more relevant to tracking objective reports
  • Save data log space.
  • Achieve a better compliance with web tracking laws on a country level, where visitor tracking may not be an option without using certain visitor agreements.
  • Enable targeted GEO IP tracking

Selective Tracking can be accessed by clicking on the project's [edit] link located under "My Projects" page. This function has the following options:
  • Track ALL countries - function is disabled and your visitor tracker will capture ALL geographic locations regardless of the countries selected from the drop down menu.
  • TRACK selected countries - function is active and will only track visitor IPs from countries selected from the country list drop down menu. Visitors from unselected countries will not be tracked.
  • DO NOT TRACK selected countries - function is active and will deactivate tracking for the countries selected from the country drop down menu. All countries NOT selected, will be tracked normally without limitations.
Note: This function does NOT affect Link and Page trackers and the visitor control rules created. It only affects your visitor tracker function.

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