Track a visitor IP address across all projects and multiple website domains

With TraceMyIP, address book feature, you can track any specific IP address throughout all of your projects, websites and domains.

To track a specific visitor IP across ALL of your websites, do the following:

  • Login to your TraceMyIP account
  • Locate a specific visitor IP you would like to trace on your statistics log
  • Click on the [TAG] button to assign this visitor to your IP tracking Address Book and then fill in desirable information about this visitor and click on [SAVE] button.
  • Go to [My Contacts]; find the visitor that you have just attached to an address book entry via browsing the address book search panel on the left. Right below the visitor’s name, click on the “Activity” link. The system will now scan and find all detailed traffic information on this particular visitor IP across all of your projects.

With a visitor being tagged, the information about this visitor that you have entered in the IP tracking address book, will appear on all of your visitor tracking logs whenever this visitor's IP is matched. Furthermore, if the visitor has changed an IP address over time, the system will show this on your logs as well, by indicating the "First Time IP" and current IP address.

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