Track Flash events, Silverlight events, Java events, and other JavaScript and Ajax events on your website

How to track Flash events or Flash pages

If you have an Adobe Flash-based website, you may want to track when your visitors go to each section or other events. Because the website address technically remains the same regardless of which Flash page your visitors are on, you have to do the following to see when each Flash page is visited:

1. Assign "dummy page addresses" to each Flash page. For example, if one of your Flash sections is titled "About", you may want to personally assign "/MyFlashSite/AboutPage" to that page so that you can tell when the user visits that section. This page should not actually exist on your server.

2. Add a small piece of code for each page transition in your Flash object. This simply triggers the Website Visitor Tracker's reload function and updates the statistics database as if the user went to a completely different web page on your site. To do so, you need to have your Flash object communicate with the tracker JavaScript code. One method would be to use the getURL() method as such:

getURL("javascript:tmipTrack('About Page', '/MyFlashSite/AboutPage');"); 
Replace "About Page" with the title of the Flash Event, and replace "/MyFlashSite/AboutPage" with your dummy page. Make sure that these variables remain in single quotes. If you don't want to use one of the variables, just leave it blank ("") and the default value of the actual web page will show up in your statistics.

3. Verify project your statistics to make sure that these events are logged properly.{FANCYLIST}



How to track Silverlight events

If you want to track Microsoft Silverlight events, you need to use code similar to the following. Follow instructions that are similar to the ones for Flash; replace the underlined values with yours.

using System.Web.Browser;

HtmlPage.Window.CreateInstance("tmipTrack", new string[] {"About Page"}, new string[] {"/MySilverlightSite/AboutPage"});



How to track Java events

If you have a Java applet and would like to track events minor in it, use this code to call the tracker's reload function. See the instructions under Flash events for more details; replace underlined portions with your own values.


getAppletContext().showDocument(new URL("javascript:tmipTrack('About Page','/MySilverlightSite/AboutPage')"));



How to track other types of events

If you want to track any types of events on your website, you need to trigger the tracker's reload function through JavaScript. Follow instructions similar to those given for Flash events. Replace the underlined values with those that you desire.

javascript:tmipTrack('About Page', '/MyAwesomeSite/AboutPage');


Important: Please note that the events tracked should not be ones that reload the tracker quickly - don't create events where you track every time the user moves his mouse! Use this feature to track page changes and other appropriate events. In other words, don't abuse this service!

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