Tag an IP address via email using an IP Tag Invitation feature

If you do not know an IP address of the person you would like to TAG and you know an email address of that person, you can use an "IP Tag Invitation" feature of the Address Book to get the person's IP address.

To send an email IP Tag Invitation:

  • Login to your TraceMyIP account
  • Click on "My Contacts" link in the upper user menu
  • You can use an existing contact entry or click on "Add Contact" link to create a new address book entry
  • Click on the address book entry you'd like to tag via an "IP Tag Invitation" feature
  • Click on the "Edit" link located on the right pane
  • Click on "IP Tag" tab
  • On the bottom of the page, specify an email address and write a quick message to the recipient perhaps introducing yourself and stating a reason as to why you'd like to tag him or her. This will help your request to be approved by the person who receives your "IP Tag Invitation"
If your friend, family member or a customer approves your request, TraceMyIP will automatically tag this person's IP  for you, which will allow you to quickly identify him or her on your visitor logs. In most cases, TraceMyIP will track this person even if the IP address has changed.

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