Show unique, pageloads or first time visitor counts on My Projects summary page

You have a choice of showing any combination of two values on "My Projects" or "Link Tracker" pages, selectable from the following:

  • Page Loads only
  • Unique Visitors only
  • Page Loads on top and Unique Visitors on the bottom
  • Unique Visitors on top and Page Loads on the bottom
  • Page Loads on top and First Time Visitors on the bottom
  • First Time Visitors on top and Page Loads on the bottom
To adjust the settings above:
  • Go to "My Account" in the upper user menu and click on the "Settings" menu link
  • Find the section "My Projects"
  • Pick your selection from the drop down menu called "Display Counters as"
  • Click on the "Update" button on the bottom of the page


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