Print online ecommerce secure SSL visitor IP tracker and fraud detector is a customizable ecommerce online web store solution that provides a secure shopping cart implementation and hosted specifically by It allows you to use your own domain for branding considerations.

To install an IP visitor tracker on your Shopify web store and to monitor visitor IP addresses, Geo information and prevent fraud activity, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and sign up for a website IP visitor tracking account

  2. Log in to your new tracking account, go to "My Projects", and click on the "Add New Project" link. Select one of the web trackers ( all styles function the same way )

  3. Enter your site's public address into the "Website URL", and give your project an appropriate title. Select " " from the "Code Type" and check the box for SSL e-commerce option. Click on "Get Code”>

  4. Right-click on and copy your new secure SSL visitor tracking code

  5. Now login to your account

  6. In the right upper part of your account click on "Themes" menu item and then on "Template Editor"

  7. In the Template Editor, under the layouts section on the left, click on your primary theme layout file to open in the editor

  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page within your editor and paste your secure SSL fraudLog tracker code just before the closing "" tag

  9. Click on "Save" button up on the top of your editor's page

  10. Check that the tracker shows up on ALL pages of your account.

For a fraud control, you can also you a Page Tracker function of fraudLog to limit access to visitors coming from other countries. You can also block specific IP addresses as well. You’d need to place your Page Tracker code right after the opening  "<body>" tag of your template.


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