Overblog Timeline and Blog Visitor Traffic Analyser and Tracker

OverBlog is one of the most popular social and blogging platforms in Europe, and lets you easily see aggregate social feeds in addition to allowing you to post new content. By using code from TraceMyIP, you can easily keep track of your blog page views and visitor statistics. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Go to tracemyip.org and sign up for a new Website Visitor Tracking service account

  2. Log in to your TraceMyIP account. Then, select "My Projects", choose "Add New Project", and select any one of the different counters and tracking widget. All styles will collect the same statistics

  3. Enter your OverBlog website's web address ( e.g., username.overblog.com ) and give an appropriate name for your project

  4. Select "OverBlog" from the list of code types and continue

  5. Next, select and copy your new JavaScript+HTML-based OverBlog blog tracking code

  6. Log in to your OverBlog account and edit your blog

  7. Select "Theme" at the top of the page

  8. Click on the "HTML" button on the left

  9. Press Ctrl+F and search for "{# SOCIAL #}", without the quotes

  10. Paste your new tracking code into the HTML code box below "{# SOCIAL #}"

  11. Save your changes

  12. Visit or preview your OverBlog website and make sure the tracker now appears on every page or post

Helpful Tip: If you are familiar with HTML, you can try moving the tracker to other parts of the code to place it in different parts of the page. Just make sure you only have one tracker installed per page, or you may be getting incorrect statistics

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