One or more [Authorization] or [Pending] transactions appear on your credit or debit card

The following information applies to TraceMyIP account holders who have subscribed for monthly subscriptions:

  • When you update your credit card information on file with TraceMyIP, your credit or debit card has to be authorized first for the amount of your monthly subscription cost. This is done to ensure that your credit or debit card can be processed for the subscription cost amount on the date of your billing period.
  • Your credit or debit card is not charged at the time of the billing information update, although the “Authorization” or “Pending” transactions may still appear on your credit or debit card statement.


  1. "Authorization" and "Pending" statuses on your credit card transactions mean that your card was NOT charged for the amount specified, and these transactions only indicate that your card was simply validated for the subscription amount.
  2. The "Authorization" and "Pending" statuses on the statement of your debit or credit card account do not affect your balance, and all "Authorization" transactions are cancelled internally and immediately after the authorization process to ensure that it doesn't affect your credit or debit card's currently available funds.

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