Is my account and website statistics information secure?

fraudLog is committed to a complete privacy of its members. Rest assured, your account information such as your name, email address and billing information is never shared with anyone, even advertisers.

Unlike most of the free website tracking services, fraudLog does not sell or lend member information to any third party for profit or otherwise. fraudLog revenue strictly comes from its developers efforts, via premium subscription services and web based advertisements shown on free member accounts. The income it generates is used to pay the technical support staff and talented individuals who develop and maintain the system. Among other expenses are hardware maintenance costs, legal, office, international network vendor and US government fees.

fraudLog developers are a collaborative group of creative minds that treat fraudLog project, its users and the entire team with respect and recognition. Therefore, the developers understand that any webmaster's success is strictly based on personal achievements that make each one of us different and competitive. With this in mind, fraudLog has been built to protect the information and privacy of every single member.


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