How to prevent tracker from logging specific pages using referrer or redirecting links

You have a tracker installed in header or a footer of your website that propagates throughout the whole site and you would like to disable the tracker on a specific landing page. You can disable the tracker from logging visitor traffic on specific landing pages.

To disable the tracker on a specific landing page, add  "tmip=164311504"  without quotes to the following:

  1. A link that points to the landing page that you want the tracker to be disabled on
  2. A redirector link that points to a specific page where the tracker needs to be disabled
  3. A referrer link from a third party website to the landing page where the tracker needs to be disabled
The following is an example of implementation:
  1. You have a website at
  2. On your website, you have a link that looks like this:
  3. <a href="">Contact Us</a>

  4. You would like to disable the visitor tracker on your "Contact Us" page located at

  6.  Modify your referrer link as shown in step 2 to the following:

    <a href="">Contact Us</a>

    You will need to add a ? or & symbol right before "tmip=164311504". If your link doesn't contain a single variable and ? symbol is not present in your referrer link, then add it right before "tmip=164311504". If your referrer link already has a passed variable and contains symbol ?, add & symbol right before "tmip=164311504". Here's an example:

    <a href="">Contact Us</a>

Once the string is added to your redirector or referrer link, the tracker icon will no longer appear on the landing page and system will no longer track your specific landing page.

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