How is your visitor IP tracking system different from all other web statistics and analytics services?

The system is a proprietary and highly sophisticated database driven platform that has been developed to bring a truly unique end-user experience while delivering the results and features not available collectively from any other website visitor tracking systems in the whole world.

1. Simplicity. No confusing statistics logs, complex graphs or poorly presented numbers that confuse people around the globe.

2. Innovation. At TraceMyIP, we continuously improve the software engine and interface to deliver the latest technological achievements while making it easier to use and understand.

3. Information flow.
 Absolutely no delay, real-time traffic reports from all your websites on a single page. If it happened a split second ago, it's on your reports. Guaranteed.

4. True visitor count. TraceMyIP visitor detection algorithms help to detect only real people visiting your websites. Unlike most of the counters and statistics software on the web, TraceMyIP does not log server to server connections or artificially inflated spam traffic.

5. Track individual visitors.
 Highly detailed information on every single visitor with the most comprehensive information available.

6. Elimination of inflated traffic numbers. TraceMyIP uses proprietary algorithms to filter out redundant server to server connections giving you the true visitor count.

7. JavaScript and HTML based support.
 Track any type of websites, even those that prohibit insertion of any code, such as Google's Orkut.

8. All-In-One. Best features combined in one website visitor tracking solution - Geo tracking, current users online tracking, advanced clicks statistics, search engine keywords analysis, links and page popularity tracking, advanced visitor activity analysis and browsing history logging - just to name a few.

9. Privacy. Unlike most of the free website statistics services, TraceMyIP does not sell or share your advanced website statistics or your contact information. All of your achievements as a webmaster that result in a higher search engine positioning and overall business success will remain your own trade secret.

TraceMyIP founders understand that success on the world wide web doesn't come easy, and takes significant efforts. Therefore webmaster’s methods of achievement must remain confidential. TraceMyIP keeps all the records private and pays its operating expenses only with help of paid subscribers and non-invasive to privacy ads that are displayed to members.

10. Security. With SSL compatible code implementation, track your online e-commerce store(s) or any other secure data transmissions without compromising the security.

11. Advanced Controls. With Link Tracker Controls, you have the ability to control which pages of your website should be visible or invisible to a defined range of visitors. Protect your pages or downloads, schedule vacation messages, protect forms from spammers and more.

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