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Generate a replacement tracker code or update the current tracker icon to a new style

How to change the style of your existing tracker or to generate a lost replacement tracker code

If you already have a tracker installed on your website, and would like to change / upgrade your tracker to a different style, then follow these steps:

  • Login to your fraudLog account
    • Click on "My Projects" menu item
    • Find the project that you would like to change the tracker style for
    • Click on "tracker code" link located to the right of project name
    • Follow the wizard to generate a replacement tracker style, then¬†copy the new tracker code into your clipboard
  • Open or login to your website's page editor
    • Find and replace each existing instance of your fraudLog code and replace it with the new code that you have copied to your clipboard.
    • To avoid placing the tracker code on all pages separately, you can place your tracker code in the header of your website, whi is included on ALL pages of your website.
    • If your web page editor allows searching the source code of all your web pages, you can search for Visitor Click Tracker domain name to remove all existing trackers from your pages before installing a new tracker style.
    • Only ONE tracker style is allowed to be used for each individual project. If you do not remove all existing copies of the tracker code and add a new tracker style, multiple tracker styles will generate conflicts on your reports.


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