Failed recurring PayPal subscription transaction notices

: I am having problems with my PayPal subscription payments. I keep getting notices that my PayPal subscription payment has failed. I have contacted PayPal and they assure me that they are not denying a payment. What is causing the issue of Failed PayPal subscription payments? Is there a workaround?

A: When using PayPal subscriptions, TraceMyIP has absolutely no control over the transactions outcome. When you see a notice of a failed payment under your TraceMyIP account, it's actually the PayPal who sends a status of the transaction failure directly to TraceMyIP. This, however, doesn't mean that PayPal has denied the payments, but rather your funding source (such as your bank or credit card) specified under your PayPal account for this particular subscription has denied the payment. In other words, PayPal is unable to draw the subscription amount from your bank or credit card to pay for TraceMyIP subscription.

There are a few options that will help to resolve recurring PayPal subscription payment issues:


  • Call your funding source vendor, such as a bank or credit card institution to find out why the PayPal transactions are not being fulfilled for TraceMyIP subscriptions. You may need to ask your credit card vendor to place TraceMyIP on an approved list of vendors so that the recurring payments are not denied in the future.


  • If you are funding your subscription with PayPal balance, add an amount equal or greater than your TraceMyIP subscription fee to your PayPal balance to correct the issue. To find out how your TraceMyIP subscription is funded, simply go to your original subscription transaction, and on the bottom of the page, there will be an option that allows you to view or change your subscription funding source.


  • Cancel your recurring PayPal subscription and use direct credit card payments with TraceMyIP. The procedure of changing your subscription payment source is described here: How to switch from PayPal to credit card payments. After you have changed the payment method to a credit card, call your credit card vendor and request to place TraceMyIP on an approved vendor list. This will ensure that your further monthly payments are not declined.

OPTION 4 (recommended resolution):

  • Cancel your recurring PayPal subscription and renew your TraceMyIP subscription using a one time PayPal or Credit Card payment to cover the entire year of the service. You will also receive a discount in this case and avoid future problems with failed recurring PayPal subscription payments.
Please note: If your PayPal subscription payment has failed and you currently have a notice on your TraceMyIP account, do NOT send direct PayPal payments to TraceMyIP as they will not be properly processed. Refer to the steps provided above to correct the issue.

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