visitor IP activity geo map tracker and counter

TraceMyIP tracker allows you to track your pages and create detailed reports for visitor IPs, activity, most visited pages and geographic origins.

To install a tracker on your pages, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and get a website visitor IP tracking account

  2. Log in to your TraceMyIP account, click on "Add New Project", and choose a counter or tracking widget (all styles function the same

  3. Input your EscortSite site's web address and name your project

  4. Select "" from the list of code types and continue to generate a tracker code

  5. Copy your new EscortSite HTML-based website tracking code

  6. Login to your

  7. Click on Open Site (monitor icon with green to open the site and then click on Manage tab

  8. Click on [Edit] icon for the page you'd like to track. In the Page Content editor's toolbar, click on the [HTML] icon, paste your tracking code at the very top of your content, then click on the Update button on the bottom of the editor

  9. Click on the [Save Page] button

  10. Repeat the steps above for all pages of your website

  11. Verify that the tracker icon appears on ALL pages of your website

You are now finished installing your visitor tracker. You can simultaneously track multiple sites under the same TraceMyIP account. Simply click on "Add New Project" menu item under your TraceMyIP account to add additional websites that you'd like to track.

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