Create a new online advertisement campaign tracker

Campaign Tracker is an innovative online advertisement managing system that allows you to monitor the success of all of your advertising campaigns in one easy-to-use online manager. In order to use Campaign Tracker, you need to first sign up for a account:

  1. Sign up for a Website Visitor Tracking account at
  2. Go to "My Projects"
  3. Click on "Add New Project" at the top
  4. Choose a Website Visitor Tracker (all styles function the same)
  5. Install the tracker code by following any appropriate How-To on the left
  6. Add a new Campaign Tracker and continue with the instructions

STEP 1: The first step in this process is to supply the landing page you want your users to be sent to when they click on your ad. This should be a page that's relevant to your ad and would keep their attention or entice them to purchase your products or services - a home page is often too broad to be appropriate for a landing page. You can supply your own variables here if you want; however make sure that your landing page is 250 characters long or under to ensure compatibility with all browsers and campaign providers.

 STEP 2: Next, you must fill in the fields with information that would be later helpful in evaluating the effectiveness of your campaigns. Although you are only required to fill in three fields, recommends you to use all the features to your advantage. Depending on your Campaign Provider, some fields may already be filled in and hidden.

STEP 3: Now that your landing page has been generated, you should test your link to make sure there aren't any errors. Do not copy and paste the generated link into your web browser, or you will register your own visit! Instead, click on [ Test Link ] to verify the URL. Whenever you have a change in your ad, you should come back and generate a new landing page URL.

STEP 4: Now, log in to your campaign provider's control panel, and create an ad as usual - only this time, use your new generated URL in your ad's landing page URL box. If you are using Google AdSense, enter the generated URL into the "Final URL" input box. Do NOT enter the generated landing page URL into AdSense "Tracking template" input box.

Important note: Ensure that your TraceMyIP visitor tracker is installed on ALL pages of your website, including your advertising landing pages (where your campaigns bring you the visitors).

That's it! Your Campaign Tracker should be now functioning!

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