4. Page tracker questions and answers

Can I use the same Page Tracker code for all of my pages?

Yes, if you need to apply the same filtering rules to all pages of your website, then you can place the page tracker code on as many pages as you need. Ensure that you only have ONE instance of this code on each page. Placing several instances of the code on the same page, will disable its function

If for any reason TraceMyIP service is not reachable or under maintenance, will my website pages still load for my visitors?

Yes. Page tracker will not interefere with loading of your pages in any way.

Will search engines be still able to index my pages protected by the page tracker?

Yes. Even if you accidentally block all the traffic from accessing your web pages, the search engines will still be able to reach your website's content.

What if I cancel my TraceMyIP account, will the Page Tracker still work?

No. The page tracker code installed on your website is directly linked to TraceMyIP server. If your account is cancelled it will no longer be able to communicate with TraceMyIP response unit. You will need to remove the code from your site so that it doesn't affect the loading process of your pages.

I know php programming language, can I modify the Page Tracker file?

Absolutely not. If you modify the file, your account is at risk of being cancelled, since the security procedurals must remain intact. Any file modification is strictly prohibited by TraceMyIP Terms of Service.

My current TraceMyIP subscription indicates that I have a total of 5 Page and Link Trackers available to me. Does it mean I can add up to 5 Page Trackers for each project?

Per your subscription, you have a total of 5 Page & Link Trackers for the entire account, meaning you can add no more than 5 Page & Link Trackers across all of your projects.

If I delete a Page Tracker from one of my projects, do I need to remove the code from my website?

Yes. The code will no longer be able to communicate properly with your account if you delete that particular page tracker unit.

Can I utilize all three controls (IP Control, Geo Control & Time Control) at the same time for each Page Tracker?

Absolutely. These modules work in the same order as listed in your control panel. For example you had setup the following:

IP Control: Block an IP number
GEO Control: Show a popup to a visitors from Canada, notifying that you are now shipping orders to Canada.
Time Control: Between the hours of 10 and 11, send your visitors to your contact form.

When a visitor clicks on the link you have setup, if the visitors IP is a match, your visitor will be blocked from accessing that page, if not, your visitor will be checked for GEO info. If that visitor is from Canada, the visitor will be notified about your shipment option. If the visitor is not from Canada, the visitor will be controlled by the Time Control settings.

What does "Send Referrer data to Web Tracker" mean?

If this option is enabled, and your visitor is redirected by the Page Tracker, your web visitor log will show on which page of your website your visitor was before he or she was redirected. In other words, the referrer information will be passed to your website visitor tracker to record.

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