3. What is page tracker and how it works

What is Page Tracker?

Page Tracker is a Website Visitor Tracker module that allows you monitor and control access to any page on your website.

Page Tracker will control the access to your links even if the visitors have changed their IPs over time. Static or dynamic - Page Tracker will track MOST of the visitors that change their IP addresses. You will also see on the Page Tracker log which visitors have changed their IP addresses.

With Page Tracker you can block specific IP addresses or a range of IP addresses by creating an IP list. Each TraceMyIP subscription level has its own limit on the number of IP addresses that can be used to allow or block visitor's access.

Page Tracker can be used to:

  • Control visitor access to any or all pages on your website - allow or block access to your pages by specified IP, GEO Country Location and Timeframe
  • Show page or popup messages to selected visitors via IP, country or timeframe controls
  • See information on how many visitors were affected by your block & allow rules and which rules have applied
  • Count page visits for all, first time, unique and returning visitors
  • Track page visit revenue for first time, unique and returning visitors
  • See recent pages' detailed visit activity with geographical info, such as country and state of visitors
  • Create Out-of-Office or Vacation notices for specific pages with the Time Control module
  • Protect contact and other sensitive pages of your website with IP, GEO & Time filters
How does it work?
Page Tracker is designed to work directly on web pages on your website. You place a special tracemyip.org code on your website that communicates with tracemyip.org. This code is generated separately from your Visitor Tracker code, when you follow the Page Tracker setup wizard. When a visitor arrives on your website, their information is analyzed by tracemyip.org and compared to the filters that you install. Any appropriate actions are then executed.

Note: You must be able to install a JavaScript code on your website(s) in order to use the Page Tracker functions. Some social networks, such as MySpace do not allow usage of a JavaScript code.

For Page Tracker installation help, please see this page.

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