2. Link tracker questions and answers

What is the difference between the "Standard" (recommended) installation of the Link Tracker and the "Compatibility Mode" option?

The "Standard" recommended option of the Link Tracker should be used if you can upload a custom php file to your website. This is the best option since you will not need to point any of your links outside of your domain. However, if for any reason this option doesn't work for you, you can use the "Compatibility Mode" option of the Link Tracker and it will always work, regardless of the type of a web hosting providers you use.

I just generated a Link Tracker code and used copy & paste to place it in the body of my website, but it doesn't seem to work. What's wrong?

Link Tracker works differently. It is not the same as visitor tracker where you simply copy and paste the code in the content area of your website. The Link Tracker code is specifically generated to replace a URL of a specific link, allowing you to control that particular link. If you just copied the replacement code generated by the Link Tracker into your website, it will not work. Please refer to the "How To's" section of this manual for Link Tracker installation tips

Can I use a single Link Tracker code for all of my links?

No. Each Link Tracker replacement URL can only be used to direct visitors to a specific page. If you have 3 pages on your website, you will need 3 Link Trackers to protect, log and control access to all of your pages.

If for any reason fraudLog service is not reachable or under maintenance, will my website links still work?

Yes, if you use the recommended standard type of the Link Tracker that requires uploading a single file to your website. This file is able to determine all communication parameters, ensuring that your visitors can access all of the pages of your website 100% of the time.

When I replace the links to my primary pages, will search engines be still able to index those pages? Will my pages pass the pagerank to the pages I link to via the Link Tracker file?

Yes, all the Link Tracker redirecting is accomplished with "HTTP/1.1 301" protocol, which properly redirects the search engines’ robots to your linked pages. At this point, the pages will be indexed normally and pagerank will be passed to all pages that you link to via Link Tracker.

What if I cancel my fraudLog account, will the Link Tracker file uploaded to my site still work?

No. The php file has to have a connection to an active fraudLog account in order for it to work.

I know php programming language, can I modify the Link Tracker file?

Absolutely not. If you modify the file, your account is at risk of being cancelled, since the security procedurals must remain intact. Any file modification is strictly prohibited by fraudLog Terms of Service.

My current fraudLog subscription indicates that I have a total of 5 Link Trackers available to me. Does it mean I can add up to 5 Link Trackers for each project?

Per your subscription, you have a total of 5 Link Trackers for the entire account, meaning you can add no more than 5 Link Trackers across all of your projects.

If I delete a Link Tracker for a specific link, do I need to remove the code from my website for that link?

Yes. When you delete a Link Tracker that was generated to operate a certain link, that link on your site has to be restored to its original state. Just as it was before you have installed a replacement link generated by the Link Tracker.

Can I utilize all three controls (IP Control, Geo Control & Time Control) at the same time for each Link Tracker?

Absolutely. These modules work in the same order as listed in your control panel. For example you had setup the following:

IP Control: Block an IP number 68.465.849.456
GEO Control: Show a popup to a visitors from Canada, notifying that you are now shipping orders to Canada.
Time Control: Between the hours of 10 and 11, send your visitors to your contact form.

When a visitor clicks on the link you have setup, if the visitors IP is a match, your visitor will be blocked from accessing that page, if not, your visitor will be checked for GEO info. If that visitor is from Canada, the visitor will be notified about your shipment option. If the visitor is not from Canada, the visitor will be controlled by the Time Control settings.

What does "Send Referrer data to Web Tracker" mean?

If this option is enabled, and your visitor clicks on the link controlled by the Link Tracker, your web visitor log will show on which page of your website your visitor was before he or she clicked on that link. In other words, the referrer information will be passed to your website visitor tracker to record. However, if for any reason, your Link Tracker doesn't work properly, you can uncheck that box to make the Link Tracker work, bypassing this feature.


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